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Back when we were all in grade school, every kid learned that America was the land where every voice matters and every body gets a vote.

Guess What? If you live in the Nation's Capitol your vote would not count and your voice is not heard.

For no good reason the choice has been made to exclude a geographic area which happens to be symbolic seat of democratic if onlyrepresentative government. Who knows! Maybe your area is next?.  Just Sayin

The facts are that District families are sending troops overseas to enable free elections, well here in the States we need our fellow American's help to have a voice in our's.

Please tell your elected officials to support the basic right of DC residents to have represention with a full voice in the democratic process that Americans hold so dear.

If your in the "Capitol of the Free World" and jsut seeing this page remember that even in American we still have to work for our rights and watch them everyday.


God bless America, and Free DC.



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