About the Towncenters

Since the dawn of the Internet the individual already working with physical or proximate based groups saw the promise and potential of the internet to get people to connect to their community online. The founder of Help Earth Nelson Jacobsen was one of the people that started working on building out bridges between the two via a website called CommunitiesOnline.org ( now pointing here) which focused on Common Interest Communities (Condominiums, Cooperatives and TownHouse Single Family Homeowners Associations ) and something called RockvillePike.net which was a way to connect folks looking for shopping information on Rockville Pike one of the most important and less organized shopping areas in the Nation.

From that experience in 1998 the idea grew into finding a way to connect other areas under a plan called Live Play Shop Work You got to do it some where and line connect you online via our online versions of real world shopping areas like http://AmericanUniversityPark.net, DC http://BowieTownCenter.net MD and http://TysonsCorner.net VA Now that we had the general notion of what we were doing we needed a way to frame it for the growing online consumers of information down on the HyperLocal Level.

The timing couldn't be better for us as the Cloud was coming into the awareness of the general population of computer and internet users and this led us to adopt the metaphore as a way to explain how we see these sites and the general framework for them.

Starting with the Metropolitan Cloud we break it down into the following:

  • http://DistrictCloud.net
  • http://MarylandCloud.net
  • http://VirginiaCloud.net

    With the frame work in place these communities can natural start to self organize be enabling this cloud to break down into sub cloud (where people live play shop and work ) thus allowing users can easily navigate to the geocentric site they are interested in learning more about online.

    Other domains

    1. http://Communitiesonline.org
    2. http://MetropolitanCloud.com net
    3. http://Portafenstella.net