The vision of the Towncenters

The idea is very simple we all have to live play shop and work somewhere and the TownCenter model has been a very effective development strategy for communities in the real world as well as CommunitiesOnline like ours. So with the same premise of physical towncenter HaStatus/HelpEarth recreates them online and allows us to connect to our CommunitiesOnline.

Please pardon our digital dust

Help Earth Foundation is migrating the whole town centers site into the co-creation age by moving over to the Drupal code to take advantage of the built in abilities and dedicated community of developers that will allow us to help fulfill the HelpEarth Foundation mandate to connect communities online.

Once this is done's we'll have interactive communities online that allow the users to of them to control, communicate and co-create a better world. So what can you expect as Towncenters is relaunching.